Schwarzschild W2 [J] Kogado Studio / NEC Interchannel 1999

In this strategic sci-fi war simulation, the player progresses with the used character changing according to the scenario. As with W, you can use three heroes, but it will forcefully change as the scenario progresses, it can not be selected like W. The protagonist is Adel Rockford to the last, and the hero who will handle in most chapters is also her. Regarding battleship development as well as W, we will develop parts separately. There is no battleship foundation. Battleships that can be developed in each chapter are limited. Types and performance differences that can be developed in each chapter are small. The development situation is reset almost every chapter, so much fun to develop is gone. This pattern is the first time in past Schwarz series. Obtaining the strongest battleship needed at the last battle at the event follows the past series. For battle, the fleet battle is almost the same as W. The operability is deteriorating by example Planet Battle is the most painful, is not it? It is almost impossible to prevent a fleet attacking by a planet alone. It is useless even if you keep a fleet stationed. In the past series, if the fleet was stationed, it is the form that the defense fight using the fleet is carried out first, then the planets themselves are fighting, and by placing multiple fleets on the planet, Although I could set up a defense line as a base, even at the W2, even if the fleet is stationed, it will suddenly become a planet warfare. So if you are defending a defense line you have to lay a fleet in front of the planet and you have to go back to the planet for refueling. It's difficult chapter 3, was the commander of the Rain Rogue Army. When using it is the most difficult. From the home country 'directive' to which planet to be controlled ', but if it can be controlled as it is, a decent supply comes from the home country, but if it fails, the quality of the battleship refueled I can not maintain the front line because it falls. If you can not control by the deadline it would be better to try again obediently. I suffered from the second directive. Because there is performance difference from the enemy country, I will lose if I do it properly. As I overcome this, I can get along because there is a decent battleship supply from my home country. It is the hardest part of this chapter that we can not produce battleship at all. Let's stop battleship development moderately. It can not be developed anyway. Once the hero returns to Adel, development and capital of the battleship can continue to the end so until then until that time we will do it by securing the number of fleets. In Chapter 5, you must destroy all the fortress and you will not be able to proceed to the final chapter. This point is caution for caution. In Chapter 6, we lose to the Galactic eighth powerful army. Please drop the main star (New Earth). If the enemy's mobile fortress is destroyed earlier than that, the scenario will not proceed further.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 688MB

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