Psychic Detective Series Vol. 7: Solitude (Gekan) [J] Data West 1998

Katsuya Furuyagi lost the psychic ability, so he dives into the mind of his former lover in coma state Aya Shingonji with the help of Rosemary. Will he bring back his love to the world of light, get over his trauma and perhaps save the world or is there only desperation ahead? First of all, the game cost 12,800 yen upon release, same as the 6th part of the series, so quite few fans decided to buy the game after the negative reception of 6th part. The tempo of the game got even worse due to the need to move through the rooms one by one thoroughly searching them over and using DAPS replay ability. There are puzzles and to solve those many recollection scenes are shown which was watching the same scenes again for the veterans of the series. There is no such thing as happy ending in this last work and thus the aftertaste is quite sour.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 326MB

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