Tiffy's Magical Tales: Thumbelina Cyril and Methodius / New Media Generation 1999

Children's interactive animated series based on famous fairy tales. All cartoons are voiced by professional actors in four languages. The original musical accompaniment creates an amazing fairy-tale atmosphere. The child can not simply look through the tale, and if he wants, then play with the characters. On all screen pages of fairy tales, any thing comes to life at your will and surprises with unexpected transformations. Children and adolescents will play with interest and simultaneously learn foreign languages. If you suddenly have difficulty understanding, then you can listen to the version in your native language. Interactive interaction of the child with characters and various objects will help develop computer communication skills, imagination, ingenuity, attention, ability to creative thinking and to work that requires imagination. The ability to switch from one language to another during the viewing process helps to expand your child's language horizon. An interactive cartoon "Thumbelina" was created based on the tale of the same name by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. The interactive cartoon is presented in four languages: Russian, English, French and German. One good woman never had children and she went to the sorceress for help. She gave her a barley grain and said to put him in a pot, the woman did so. From the seed rose a flower of unprecedented beauty, and inside the bud sat a tiny girl - Thumbelina. Once, in a house where a kind woman lived with her little daughter, a huge ugly toad wandered and stole Thumbelina ... But little Thumbelina turned out to be very brave, she is not afraid of the trials and dangerous adventures that lie in wait for her in the big world. A small assistant - caterpillar Tutti - will explain the rules of game management and ... a fairy tale will begin.
included in Tiffy's Magical Tales: Pinocchio and Thumbelina - (Pocket Price Kids) Clone ISO Demo 537MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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