Corel Chess Corel / Focus Multimedia Ltd 1995

This is a multimedia chess program based on the chess engine Socrates by Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman. The Corel Chess project was lead by Alexander G. M. Smith, who further developed the GUI with animation player spooling sound and video off the CD-ROM and draws it in the 3D world using the Windows regular GDI and Corel's off-screen bitmap drawing code. Corel Chess features TCP-IP play that allows two users to play each other and send comments to each other without having to access a Web site. Great interactive play, dynamic views and sizzling graphics combined with exquisite 3D modelled and rotatable boards produce a truly awe-inspiring multimedia chess game. Play the computer, have the computer play against itself or alternatively stage your own championship with opponents over the Internet, via a modem or over a network. In true 24-bit colour with multiple chess sets and elaborately rendered game settings, the customisable user interface enables you to display any number of open windows or views of the chessboard, at the same time, at any angle and scaled to any size. Gain an interesting insight into the minds of the Grand Masters as you view and study over 4,000 championship chess games or import other classic games (PGN format only). With a variety of user options, levels of difficulty and amazing visual and sound effects, there's never a dull moment. Features: Superb crafted piece sets; Easy installation; Beautifully rendered and fully scalable piece sets; Multiple perspectives including overhead view; Custom user interface; 6 classic board and piece sets; Open and play in any number of windows; Five levels of difficulty; VCR-like replay controls accompany all player/piece actions; Ability to print the list of moves from a current game.
Clone ISO Demo 422MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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