Virtual Ball Fighters SE XTeam Software Solutions / Pro Active Solutions 2003

Siggy, a skull- rock musician, is the organizer of a special event, "The Virtual Ball Fighters Tournament" with a grand prize of one million dollars. Only the one with the fastest reflexes will have a chance in a tetris like format, where you must align 3 or more balls of the same color. This will cause an explosion, which will cause havoc to your opponent. Gain extra bonuses by exploding the balls with letters on them. Drain your opponent of all his energy and become the victor. Choose from 8 characters to compete, one on one or you vs the computer. Each character has his or her own special skills. This is like no other tetris game you have ever seen. The 3D graphics are unbelievable. Features: 8 fighters with 8 backgrounds; 1 or 2 Players; 6 Game Modes: ( 1 Vs 1 ), ( Story ), ( Battle ), ( Survival ), ( Time Dead ), ( Mortal ); 4 Difficult levels; 8 Artificial Intelligence Level; 10 Features for every Fighter: Name, Age, Job, Power ( The power of the blows ), Speed ( The initial speed of the balls ), Rotation ( The rotation speed and movement of the balls ), Energy ( The starting energy ), Intelligence ( Type of artificial intelligence ), Luck ( The chance of receiving the bonus ); Special ( Special ability of the character ) 8 audio tracks ( once for background ) + 5 audio tracks on the game ( over 35 minutes ); Over 250 Mb of Incredible animations ( 3 versions for movie ); More than 100 frames of animation for every fighter; Very intuitive control method. The Special Edition is the natural evolution of Virtual Ball Fighters. New features: more Bonus, more Game Mode, more playable, more graphics, hi res movie, more... a joy to play.
Amiga Video
Clone ISO Demo 198MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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