Survisland Super Trampers Studio / Easy Joy Ltd. 2018

Early Access Release This is a survival sandbox focused on Realism, located in a vast procedural generated world. Play as a lone man lost in wild islands, use your wit and strength to confront every challenge the Nature gives you. The area of an island is usually vast, but you can also find groups of small islands scattered across shallows. There's three different biomes in current version: The Shallows, Mangrove Forest and The Swamp. Each has its own unique landscape, vegetation, resources and sub-biomes. You’ll have to alter your strategy to survive in different biomes. Sunrise, sunset, changing of clouds and raining, the weather and nature cycling is not only for visual satisfactions. You can stand in shadows or in water to avoid the heat of a summer’s afternoon, start a campfire to keep warm in cold night, detect the direction of the wind from your campfire smoke, hide from strong winds behind a rock, avoiding rain under a tree. The plants also will bear fruits over time in the right seasons. Cutting the whole tree down can get all the fruits immediately, but you also will lose a fruit source in long terms. A very detailed metabolism system simulates real life human beings. Your body is built up with muscles, fat, bones, blood and water. All your actions will cost calories, and the stuff you eat can only be useful after you digested them. Surviving is not only about keeping hungry and thirsty levels at bay, but to keep nutrition in balance, you’ll have to find various foods to achieve this. Some symptoms experienced will reduce your body functions: getting Cold will reduce the stamina regenerate speed and cost more calories. The worst symptoms will reduce your health: Starving, Dehydration, Freeze, Suffocating. Wearing clothes can always provide warmth and also some protections from environment. It has a very deep and complex item system: each item has its own size, weight, species, hardness, toughness, quality, portability and functions. Now there are more than fifteen functions in the system, more will added along the way to bring you a more realistic game world. Some items have one or several Crafting Nodes, it indicates different parts of an item that can be crafted. You can also use workbenches to combine items. You'll have to craft three types of building marks: Foundation mark, Support mark and Surface mark, to start building. Upcoming Features: All the fun that metals can give us is coming. And more biomes will be created as planned: Hills, Rainforest, Mountains, Grassland, etc. AI Animals will be added such as fishes, birds and land animals. They will have their own schedule of life and unique reactions to the environment. Mental Health illnesses: loneliness, despair, fear. There will be some mental properties added as basic stats, like sadness, excitement, stress or loneliness.
Download: None currently available

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