Angel Gate [J] Teichiku Records Co. Ltd. 1995

Frequently, it is said that person's personality comes out when playing the game. In fact, even in virtual fighters and others, their personality is reflected quite well in how they fight, so it's interesting. Even in adventure games, there are many cases where choosing from several choices is quite consistent with the character of the player. This is a little unusual game that advanced the idea, mixed adventure game and psychological analysis. By progressing in the game, we will do even the psychological analysis of the player. The basic setting is burning down. The system "Ectron 2" based on the "technology to reproduce memorized images stored in the brain as an image" presented by Professor AW Seligman of the Center of Neurophysiology, USA exists in the center of this game. In this system, others can pseudo re-experience the subject's past memories of past experience. The player is led by a letter written as "I have something to tell you by all means" and arrives before this Ectron 2. Then, you will experience the memory of a person. Because the memory is divided and it is in some places ambiguous, players have to correct the memory of the examinees at key points. Even if you say correction, it's about simple ways of waving, such as which way you go to two-way streets, so the operation itself is the same as a command-selective adventure game. The game will proceed with beautiful photos reminiscent of the old Europe, quiet music, and the words shown on the screen. The memory is quite ambiguous, and the story progresses while the dream and the reality have become irritated. Therefore, the story itself can not be grasped at the beginning, but as the game progresses, the memory becomes clearer and the story being spoken there will be visible. I think that the story which is divided finely and the time axis is not constant is suitable for talking on CD-ROM. The selection of the player who progresses in the game becomes the data of the psychological analysis as it is, and it is possible to display the psychological state of that point at the stage of the favorite stage. Rather, this is the main part of this work. It displays five elements such as susceptibility and thinking power in a graph and diagnoses the current psychological state.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 105MB

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