Travel League: The Missing Jewels Tiki's Lab / Big Fish Games Inc 2009

This is a hidden object game with plot and design elements clearly inspired by the classic Carmen Sandiego educational titles. As a member of a group of investigators, the main objective is to hunt down and capture a jewelry thief by traveling across the globe to lots of different countries. The available destinations are show on a world map, and the player can select and play them on any order. Each country has several locations, shown as a series of Polaroid pictures at the bottom of the map. Each location is a static screen representing some tourist attraction or typical scene of the nation, where the player must search and find all the items listed on a GPS navigator at the left side. Each list entry can be clicked to show the object silhouette. The hint button pinpoints the exact location of one of the required items when activated, adding a green filter to the image and targeting the object with a cross hair. The diary button shows a summary of the case, keeping track of the latest developments. Extra hints are received after taking pictures of the butterflies resting on parts of the scenery. Most locations have a bird that flies towards one of the objects when prodded with the cursor. Each completed scene unlocks postcards that can be viewed on the world map screen. Mini-games have to be played at the end of each location, where a piece of the stolen jewelry has to be manipulated directly to solve a puzzle. They are variations of classic games common to the genre, like concentration, jigsaw puzzles and similar challenges. The time constraints can be turned on or off at the start, with the timed mode having a limit of thirty days to complete the investigation.
Full Demo 132MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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