Treasure Masters, Inc. Casa Games / Alawar Entertainment, Inc. 2008

Jack Jones disappears while flying over the Pacific Ocean, and his grandson Gordon inherits the relic hunting family business. Gordon must find out what happened to his grandfather while searching for lost treasures around the globe. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. As usual, the main objective is to find and click all the objects on the screen from a list at the bottom (that sometimes contains their names, sometimes their silhouettes). When the cursor hovers over an interactive part of the scenery, it changes into a hand that opens doors, drawers, blinds, and performs other similar actions. Sometimes the required objects are concealed inside a container, like a refrigerator or a cabinet. The cursor transforms into a magnifying glass when passing over a part of the screen that can be zoomed in. Some of the objects are stored in the inventory to be used later. The cursor becomes a briefcase when over a puzzle that requires the use of one of the inventory items. Each chapter (comprised of several screens) starts with a certain number of hints. Extra hints can be bought with coins collected on the locations. The price of each hint is three coins. The game has two modes. In timed mode, there's a time limit to complete each chapter. Relaxed mode doesn't have a timer, but each wrong click makes the screen dimmer and dimmer until it is completely black. The player has to wait some time until the location is visible again.
Full Demo 71MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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