Tower of Beatrice, The Fairy Forest 2018

The life of a thief isn't easy: always hiding in shadows, clients cheat, traps bite. Executing the order of the mysterious Unknown, you need to make the way in a tower of the powerful sorcerer Beatrice, to steal her Recipes Book and to get out alive. You'll have to get into a dream of the Demon of Cold and to find out his intimate desires, to accept a knitted gift from the Granny Spider, to start the Clock Tower, to feed a snail, to give a drink to a demon, to make a cactus to get drunk, to collect a skeleton, and at last, to fix the own fatal fail of Thief. Features: Six floors – each one with its own atmosphere and mood; Surprising and charming residents of the Tower - demons of Fire, Cold and Dream, Iron Maiden, Hungry Chest and many others; The alchemy - Recipes are included; Unique puzzles from simple to brain wrecking; The atmospheric and immersive soundtrack; A lot of allusions to famous games, movies and books – recognize them all.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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