Unholy Disaster hatahata, Anhori Production / UnholY CreatioN 2017

West of the land of Eincia, there was a kingdom of green forest and clear rivers. This kingdom was blessed by "the Spirit of Aqua". People of this kingdom worshiped "the Spirit" and gained the power from the spirit though the "Priestess of Aqua". One day, the novice priestess Clemente, wearing her shrine robe, came to the temple with her master nervously, and was about to meet the Spirit of Aqua. On the other hand, a mysterious one who bears evil power draws near to the Temple of Aqua. The novice priestess who serves "the Spirit of Aqua”, Clementine fights against so-called demons with the spirit's blessings in this exploration based side-scrolling action game. The heroine is capable of using various water-related special abilities in combat. Since she is a trainee in the beginning, she does not have so much power but will obtain a variety of abilities as her exploration goes on. Nonetheless, this game does not employ the typical growth system based on EXP and level, which means you won't be frustrated by level grinding.
Free Version 1.03 + Steam R-18 Patch (uploaded by Official Site)

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