Flipping Death Zoink Games 2018

This unusual mix of an adventure game and a platform game is a spiritual successor to Stick It to the Man!, a game from 2013. The players assume the role of Penny Doewood. She dies under mysterious circumstances and she discovers the world on the other side. As if that's not enough, the girl must replace Death that went on vacation. She uses newly acquired powers to help ghosts that for various reasons are restless. She also uses these powers to discover the truth about how she died. The game features absurd humor that the players might know from the previous game. The scenario was written by Ryan North, the creator of the comic adaptation of the popular TV series Adventure Time. The gameplay is based on solving simple riddles by using Penny’s unique powers. She can throw her scythe and then teleport to the place where the weapon lands. This enables her to move efficiently through the realm of the dead that is – as the title of the game suggests – a reverse version of a real city of Flatwood Peaks. This is an important fact because each task given by restless souls requires you to act in both worlds. However, Penny can directly move only through the other side. The only way for her to interact in the real world is to possess living people by collecting a specific number of ghostly creatures in the realm of the death. This enables the players to control living people and to read their thoughts. Switching between worlds is fluent and can be done with a single press of a button. The riddles in the game aren’t too complicated, but their solution is frequently very absurd and humoristic. Many of them require the players to take advantage of the physical system. It features two-dimensional, cut-out-like graphics with three-dimensional character models. The style of the game is similar to the one used in Stick It to The Man! The game features a climatic soundtrack as well.
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