Comic-On: Volumes 1-5 [J] Genesis Digital Publishing Company / Toshiba EMI 1996

The goal of these was to make the first digital mangas, halfway between the paper manga and the anime. The software used is Photoshop and Macromedia Director. Volume 1 (Feb 7) Kimagure Orange Road: "Panic in Sentou" ("Panic in public baths" also known as episode 157 ) with music, sound effects, subtitles and animated bubbles but without words. The song "Tsubomi no mama no sakura no shita" ("Under the cherry remains the bud") is in midi format. Black Moon, original screenplay by Raita Okura, illustrated by Izumi Matsumoto, works after prepublication in Comic Gamma (Takeshobo), steampunk story. Kappa to the Teacher, screenplay by Megumi Nishino (Genesis DPC Editor), drawing by Yumi Touma, supervised by Izumi Matsumoto, prepublished in Burger Comic (Scola). Apples, Izumi Matsumoto's one-shot already published in Super Jump, embellished here with some digital effects. Transcendence, digital manga with special effects by Jan Scott-Frazier. Monster Friday, one-shot, original screenplay by Lea Hernandez ("Lea Helnandez" appearing in the credits because the Japanese confuse "l" and "r"). Fiana Sword, tale that was to be used as a basis for a RPG on PC98 "Toki no densetsu" ("The Legend of the Times"), original scenario of Raita Okura, photos of Kato and Shintaro. Kazumasa Hirai's special interview by Izumi Matsumoto on "Bohemian Glass Street" and electronic publishing (ie digital). If you read his postface in volume 1 of the Tonkam edition of the KOR manga, he explains that he wrote this novel as a tribute to KOR. Volume 2 (Nov 27), Volume 3 (Feb 26/97), Volume 4 (May 28), Volume 5 (Oct 29).
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Japanese ISO Demos + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 276+456+432+367+372 (uploaded by scaryfun)

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