Val'Gor: Dark Lord of Magic "SoWhat!" s.r.o. / Big Fish Games Inc 2007

The evil sorcerer Val'Gor plans to use his dark powers to change and conquer the world, introducing small and subtle changes to it until everything is under his control. His magic tome falls in the capable hands of a good-natured magician, that starts to use it to revert all the harm done by his evil-minded colleague, decreasing Val'Gor's influence with each fix. This is a spot-the-differences game, where most of the time the player has to find all the divergences between two similar photographic images. The game is divided in thirteen chapters, shown as pages of the book, each with eight pairs of pictures to be solved in any order within a time limit. When time runs out, the player gets another chance by completing a word search challenge to win some extra minutes. If the player fails again, the chapter is reset and all the pictures have to be completed from the start. The game gives extra time and bonus points when finding several changes consecutively. If the player finds three changes at the start of one of the pictures, the game awards an extra hint and bonus points. The hint coins at the bottom of the screen circle automatically one of the changes when clicked. Some areas randomly glint to indicate the existence of a nearby difference. At the end of each chapter, a bonus matching game has to be completed where the player must click on pairs of identical objects. Some pictures have other challenges, where one of the photos has to be reassembled from jumbled square pieces before starting to look for the differences. Randomly, Val'Gor appears to make most of the screen dim with a spell, leaving only a small roaming spotlight to be used to find all the differences.
Full Demo 21MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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