Valerie Porter And The Scarlet Scandal GameBrains / PlayFirst Inc. 2009

Valerie Porter is a young woman trying to make it as journalist in the 1920s. When she thought she finally landed her first job as a journalist, her pompous boss made her clean his office instead. But later, Valerie found her first scoop when she uncovers a celebrity murder scandal. Help Valerie collect clues to solve mysteries and become a top investigative reporter. This is a hidden objects adventure game where the player will be taken to various locations with a list of objects they need to find. Some items will be placed in your inventory to be interacted with certain areas in the scenes. This is indicated by an exclamation next to your cursor. Hints are provided by a light bulb at the bottom of the screen. If you use one, you will have to find batteries to recharge it. Two are located in each scene. Another way to recharge is by chaining items: When there are more than one of the same type of object to be found, you can chain them to help charge your light bulb. Various mini-games are available along the way including jigsaw puzzles and cross-words. If you don't feel like playing them, you can always press skip.
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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