Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown Dragon Altar Games / Big Fish Games Inc 2008

A north pole rescue pilot called Veronica Rivers receives a distress call from a group of geologists in Alaska. After arriving with her plane at their camp, she discovers a magical portal inside a cave that leads to other places of the globe. This is a hidden object game, where the player has to find all the required items from a list on locations filled with assorted objects. The list sometimes shows the object silhouette instead of its name, and in some places the list is replaced by a series of black and white photographs of specific parts of the screen that must be shot by the player, using the mouse as the camera viewfinder. Puzzles have to be solved between chapters. They are simple logic games, where the player has to unscramble gems or fix some equipment. The number of hints is unlimited, and each list item has a small text description.
Full Demo 45MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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