Swordsmen X, The Shanghai Duang Network Technology Co. Ltd. / CubeGame 2018

Early Access Release This is a high freedom action and adventure game.100 Players will play and against each other in a struggle for tournament. In addition to the traditional martial arts in the game, and bow shot, throwing props such as play, players can choose to compete in their own ways. Player controlled warriors start at free picked location and scavenge for weapons and gear. As the game go on poison mist will appear on the map and starting to cut down safe zone. The need for supplies increase as the safe zone shrink which lead to more intense competition. Defeated warriors will be eliminate immediately and only the last one standing can achieve victory. Winner shall be rewarded with information pieces. Features: Free gameplay - choose and match between melee and ranged combat; Martial arts - master various secret technique and become a unstoppable martial artist; Beautiful world - a handcrafted world inspired by ancient China; Balanced difficulty - easy to learn but hard to master, skill is the key to victory; Thrilling combat - facing threat from limited resources, safe zone and other players.
Download: None currently available

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