Typical Nightmare Electrostalin Entertainment 2018

Have you ever had nightmares? Yes, all of us have. John, the protagonist, is not an exception. However, his nightmares have so much in common with the reality. Feeling that something’s wrong with his dreams and he is in danger, John tries but fails to make everything right alone. His wife is into her own problems, all friends are gone and the family relations were broken years ago. John got problems at work, problems at home... And only you can help him break out of this endless nightmare. It's created with help of professional psychologists using real cases from their practice. The game doesn't just frightens you – it's based on psychoanalysis and helps to understand many human problems. Every scene in the game is typical - that means you'll face your own fears. Make hard moral decisions that will radically change the protagonist's life. Find out who plays with John in his dreams and what it wants. It's completely on you if John will become brave enough to face his fears and overcome them during his Typical Nightmare. Explore the nature of the protagonist's fears, help him to dive into his nightmares and return to normal life. You'll have to make hard decisions that will change John's life. Only you decide – if John will change his destiny or leave everything as it is. Face your own fears. The game contains scenes of typical nightmares, disturbing every person in the world. Try to understand what keeps the protagonist in his nightmares, become a victim or a winner.
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