Pixeline Skolehjælp: Naturfag - Lær om dyr og planter [Da] Krea Media 2005

This game about Science where kids learn about animals and plants is the third game in the Pixeline School Assistance series. The game starts with Pixeline being in a secret spot in the wild nature of Solo Island. There lives the Young Bunka Indians, who live in covenant with nature. Whenever it is full moon, the tribal witch doctor calls the symbols of nature to the great totem pole. But the witch doctor has overslept, so the wildlife symbols are scattered across the island. So Pixeline must figure out symbols such as soil, fire, air and water. It is done in four mini-games where you have a plant to grow, choose the thing that burns longest and land a hot air balloon.
Danish ISO Demo 58MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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