Wickie und die starken Männer: Die Mutprobe [G] The Web Production / Tivola Publishing GmbH 2001

Halvar wants to start an exciting sea voyage with his strong men and Wickie is not allowed to ride. "You're just half a serving, Wickie." Of course, Wickie does not see that at all: "But I would like to ride." Urobe puts in a good word for him: "Wickie is weak, but he has a head, boss, that could be useful to us." Halvar points out: "If you can prove that you are strong, persistent and skilled, then you can ride." Here we go. With your help, Wickie will manage it. In the first computer episode titled "The Test of Courage" Wickie has to prove himself three times, so he can go on a big trip with the Vikings. The little players should help him with his exams and prove their skills in four construction tasks and three (rather modest) games of skill. The motto of course is this time: "Wisdom goes before muscle power". When it comes to catching more fish than the best angler, defeating the fastest swimmer in the competition, or towing more stones than the strong Halvar, Wickie has to come up with something special every time. So with the help of the player he constructs a sophisticated fish catching machine, builds a kite or lays a water pipe. To surpass his father in stone, Wickie builds a giant slingshot, which allows him to transport the heavy chunks quickly and effortlessly from one place to another (see also the first episode of the TV animated series). The paternal praise holds in the face of this construction, however, in the limits: "What have you since again built a nonsense!" That it actually needed some muscle power to bend the birch trunks and lashed to the ground, does the genius of the fixed small Guys here no break. After all, we move in a fictional Viking world and enjoy all the poetic freedom in digital narrative medium.
German ISO Demo 268MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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