Weekend Party: Fashion Show Teyon 2009

This is a hidden object casual game with elements of fashion creation gameplay and minigames. The player has to help the main character, advertising agency employee called Lilly, to accomplish all tasks given by her boss. Lilly works as a creative director and her job and life style require frequent changes of outfit. Depending on the type of party she is invited to, she has to adjust what she wears. Lilly's duties will include preparing outfits for herself and models, to be a judge on fashion show, to dress a rock star and more. All Lilly's outfits can be composed in the fitting room, where the player has the possibility to try all the clothes found in the stores using hidden object mechanics. Finishing the level and advancing to the next stage depends on score achieved for outfits' creation. Main part of the game's mechanics is hidden object style game. The goal is to find 10 clothes in each level basing on descriptions from the list. If the player finds an item from the list, clicking it sends it to the shopping bag (the item flies off the screen). To keep the player from random clicking in search for items, there is a time penalty. If the player feels lost and cannot find any item from the list,a hint can be used. Minigames: Jewelry - it is a memory game. The goal is to find and match pairs of the same elements (pieces of jewelry) hidden in the jewellery boxes. The game consists of 3 rounds, so the player has to find 9 pairs to complete the level. Make-up - it is based on jigsaw puzzle mechanics. The player has to complete the picture of Lilly using 20 pieces scattered around the screen. Hair stylist - it is based on "find differences" mechanics. The player's task is to make a perfect haircut for a model. Each haircut has 10 differences to find.
Full Demo 86MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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