Frankenstein: Beyond the Time The Dust S.A. 2018

After two hundred years, Doctor Frankenstein's legacy will reach a whole new level. Now everyone can go on a discovery quest taking place in a Victorian mansion, where the task is to solve the greatest mystery of Dr. Frankenstein. The game makes innovative use of Virtual Reality with a well-known hidden object model and crafting simulations combined with the fight against time. Placing these mechanisms in a world inspired by the novels about Dr. Frankenstein provides a unique gameplay in a dynamic world full of adventures. The more we learn about the mad scientist's experiment, the more frightening and mysterious the story becomes. The game is completely immersive thanks to detailed surroundings. From a huge whale’s skeleton to a tiny vial - everything is highly refined to bring about the most realistic of experiences. What's more, weather conditions affect lighting and reflections, resulting in a dynamic environment becoming more and more dramatic further into stages of gameplay. The scenario and main characters are only based on the novel by Mary Shelley and combined with our own original ideas. Rather than showing the theatrical version of Frankenstein’s story we have created our own, beyond the time, universe. Features: epic Boss Fight; interactive characters; enriched plot with a philosophical journey; special defensive weapon; crazy time loop - fighting against time; ca. 4 hours of gameplay; thousands of highly-refined and interactive objects with sounds; hundreds of square meters of scenes; crafting simulations dynamic environment with changing weather conditions; original soundtrack; dozens of monologues explaining the plot and building suspense throughout a gameplay.
Download: None currently available

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