Obelisk: Project Oscar [J] Oscar Promotion / NEC Interchannel 1996

This full-motion video adventure game, features several actresses/models from the Oscar Promotion agency in a Myst style historical environment. The game features several actresses from the agency, so it caught the attention of fans when released. The game begins in the near future, and from there you're transported to Egypt, Atlantis, Tibet, Maya, etc. The game is similar to Time Gate, in that Obelisk tackles the weak spot of many adventure games during this era: wafer thin plots. However, in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Though they've put effort in the story department, it's not a guaranteed success, and other segments can outshine it. For instance, Time Gate's puzzle segments are excellent, and ANKH had edutainment value. This game however lacks both of those qualities, but instead looks great. The actresses are beautiful, and that on its own makes it fun to play. This game definitely has the most beautiful actresses in a game. Fans will love it, and those who aren't won't mind. If visuals are important to you when choosing what to play, this is not a bad pick. A port to Saturn console was planned but was cancelled.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 926MB

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