Tetsuman Gaiden [J] Teichiku Records Co. Ltd. 1996

This is a game made with Macromedia Director. It has various mini games. The floor of water - When power goes down, you can take 1000 gold how it is taken to the power recovery station. If there is no money, forced labor of goldfish scooping with pasted paper. You can convert the gold collectively as a prize. When you gather 3000 gold, it's a showdown with the floor boss at the sightseeing hut. If you have underwater eyeglasses or semi-fish persons you hit at the lottery, the attack will be loose when you confront with the floor boss. Ten animals are clear. Next is the flame floor, a shooting game. If you earn money, ring-throwing (standard) recommends tips if you hurry to get 100 out of 100. Efforts with shields and sailboat figurines to get Gappori. Shoot (fast western style) would be good for practicing quick operation of the trackball. If it is perfect, you can GET the digestive tract. Confrontation with the floor boss will hit the polka dots. Next is the ground floor, it is a golf game. Reading wind direction and verying your shot strength while repeating it several times. Which green do you drop in if you drop it? The confrontation with the floor boss is a golf game. Well it will be an easy victory. And last it is a General Shikiya confrontation with behind view. A goldfish scoop shop management confrontation. "Reconnaissance" and quick setting point. Even if you lose the showdown you can confront again with the "up" key on the floor. Transform it into a game of boomerang attack. And at the end there is a choice of "Puzzle" or "comic". "Puzzle" is a long way past the old figures. There is a save button at the end of ending.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 212MB

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