Max fährt Bus, Bahn und Schiff [G] Tivola Verlag GmbH 2006

A new adventure with Max, the little pig from "Just Around the Corner". Children from the age of four not only have a lot of fun, but also get to know the various modes of transport. Because they help Max to bring his friend, the lighthouse keeper Benni Blinker, a new light bulb for the broken lighthouse light. Benni Blinker is ill and therefore can not drive to town to get the pear. Max likes to help and also wants to buy his friend fruit, flowers and a newspaper. Well, and for himself he would like to have the superhound book and something to eat, and the robotic dog-lamp, and, and, and ... But wait: the ten dog-thaler Uncle Pong gave him is not enough for everything. In addition, the tickets must be bought from it. And so children not only learn how bus, train and ship work, what a train station looks like and how to buy a ticket, but also how money is used. The graphically elaborate CD-Rom is accompanied by smart songs that tell of how exciting traveling by bus and train can be. Numerous clicks, which are hidden everywhere in the lovingly designed pictures, make the kids a lot of fun. Behind them are surprising gags and little stories. Another trick is the search for six characters that Max would like to find so much. For with this he wants to try out Uncle Pong's new game with Benni Blinker when he arrives at the lighthouse. When Max has found all the characters and does the shopping for Benni, the drive to the lighthouse turns out to be a dangerous undertaking. Only those who properly steer their boat around the cliffs will reach the lighthouse at the end. High time, because it is already dark. Quickly the lamp is repaired and the lighthouse shines brightly. Now Max and Benni can sit down and try the game of Uncle Pong - a tricky dice game, which is about luck and skill. "Max drives bus, train and ship" is playable in German and English. Even in the middle of the game, the language can be changed. This promotes the first foreign language contact in a fun way.
English/German ISO Demo 302MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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