Richy's Nightmares Unreal Gaming 2018

The game takes place in the dark mind of our hero – a little boy Richy. Hero will plunge into the fantastic and terrible world of horrible cars, monsters and insurmountable obstacles. In the game, our hero Richy is facing with an insidious villain and his name is Prankster TOM. Prankster TOM confuses thoughts and consciousness of the hero, tries to confuse Richy. Help to little hero to win and overcome his greatest fear. Fascinating world will be waiting for you in this game: Many traps and dangerous enemies; Mind-blowing puzzles in which you will need to use items scattered on the map; Hand-drawn world, beautiful scenery; Explore the world and secret rooms; Unique location with special atmosphere; Difficult passable world, which will tighten your in enthralling Richy's dreems; Participant of GTP INDIE CUP 2018 contest.
Download: None currently available

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