Pixel Game Maker MV Kadokawa Corporation / AGM Playsim 2018

Early Access Release This the latest entry in the Maker series, including the popular RPG Maker. Create action games with ease - no programming necessary. You can now create your very own full action games without the need for any programming whatsoever. Compatible with JavaScript extensions, anyone from total beginners to seasoned developers can enjoy game creation to the fullest. Create endless fun with "Multi-Viewpoint/Multi-Versus". Allows for both top- and side-based views, as well as cooperative or competitive local play between up to four players. Works with any genre, so the games you can create are limited only by your imagination. A simple way to create rich and beautiful game graphics. Using the graphic import feature, physics engine, particle effects, and multiple layer combination, you can create your own ideal game in exactly the way you want to make it, easily and without all the hassle. Create action games easily without programming using six tools: Tool 1 Resources - Prepare and arrange image assets required for your game; Tool 2 Tiles – Create "tiles" necessary for map field creation; Tool 3 Objects – Provide characters and items with various gimmicks; Tool 4 Animation – Enliven and enrich your graphics; Tool 5 Scenes – Build stages using tiles and objects; Tool 6 Transition – Connect scenes to bring your games into shape. Also allows for functional expansion - You can use JavaScript to expand on and add to the pre-existing features. Master using these extended functions and add-ons to create even more complex and beautiful games.
Download: None currently available

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