Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Elephant Games / Big Fish Games 2012

The peaceful town of Martlet has been jolted into chaos from some unknown force that is bringing the town statues to life. The player as the Royal Detective is called to investigate this strange phenomenon and bring order once again to Martlet. The statues you encounter that have been reanimated are both benevolent and malicious in nature. Some statues will be helpful an assist you during your investigation mystery of Martlet. The most evil statues are black gargoyles that seem to be capturing the town’s inhabitants for some unknown reason or purpose. Entangled somehow in the mystery is a little orphan girl named princess. The player interface and game mechanics provide traditional graphical adventure with on screen movement touch points, puzzles and hidden-object search style game play. Objects collected in inventory at the bottom of the screen require the player to drop or drag them onto other items in the scenes to activate or complete needed tasks. During the adventure you will also acquire friendly statues as tag along pets (rooster, gnomes, etc) that help aid in key actions needed to achieve puzzle solutions. An interactive map allows for quick travel to various locations previously explored to reduce scene movement and backtracking.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo v2 987MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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