ShadowSide AdroVGames 2018

A small provincial town named Nightwood. A policeman Alex Carter has been watching over the tranquility in the town for many years. He protects the people from robbery and crime. Nothing but a routine. But one day everything went upside down. Alex had an accident and passed out. He came around in an unfamiliar place and tried to remember what had happened to him. Wandering down narrow corridors he suddenly understood... HE HAD ALREADY BEEN HERE. It was the place where blood of his first victim had been spilled. Pieces of his memories are flashing before his eyes like in a kaleidoscope. What is it? Is it just a nightmare? Or reality? Will he be able to wake up? Or all that is true? Features: Exploration game; Atmospheric game locations; Realistic graphics; Several endings; Interactive environment. The main hero can inspect practically every object; The game was developed in CryEngine V.
Download: None currently available

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