Olorun: Theocracy AJetBear Entertainment 2018

Early Access Release This is a medieval-style fantasy RPG, it supports from single player to 4 players cooperation. Olorun: Theocracy features abundant forging, combat systems and adventures. It's up to players to decide who they are, whether it's the humble people of the gods, or the filthy Exodius. Olorun, a continent ruled by gods. It has been more than three hundred yeards since the event of Inferno incursion known as Apocalypse, now the gods are restoring their powers back to their golden age. It is an age of prosperity, but it is also an age of warfare, when the gods rule all the countries in Olorun with their servants and priests, and fight each other with these organizations for their divine power. But a greater crisis is emerging, for the false gods from a more ancient time are returning. Features: 270-Degree Melee Angle System - it's different from the traditional lock-on or fixed-directional combat systems, in our game you can move your cursor to switch your melee direction in the combat stance, attacking or defending your foes from all directions, this adds to the tension and excitement in a combat for players to enjoy. Multiplayer Cooperation - provides at most 4 players cooperation, you can face the harsh environment and dangerous monsters with your friends, and teamwork with them to gather resources such as wood, stone, or ores. Customized Forging - provides players an innovative forge system where you could forge your own unique weapons with different material choices, and customize their shape to your own ideals. Material System - players will find that even with the same type of equipment, the appearance and attributes will differ as they were forged with different material. Therefore, it is vital to choose appropriate material based on your needs when forging a new item.
Download: None currently available

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