Reventa Studio Nihilominus 2018

Early Access Release This is a challenging third-person sci-fi melee action game. In the aftermath of a war nearly driving humanity to extinction, survivors have fled to orbital colonies while scavengers pick through what remains on a dying Earth. As one of these scavengers, you have been contracted to retrieve a technology long thought lost. Technology that may be the key to saving the world. Choose your Replicant, unravel the past, and fight the future. Varied Playstyles - Charge into the thick of battle and unleash relentless sword slashes with Blue. Parry incoming attacks with careful timing to slow time around you and allow for devastating Executions. Keep enemies at range to take them down with pinpoint dagger throws and chain explosions with Red. Stop time at will to attack your enemies unchallenged, or make your escape for a momentary reprieve. Ability Customization - Tailor your avatar's playstyle to suit you. Take upgrades from defeated Replicants and grow in power with Insight gained from killing enemies. Customize for damage potential, survivability, and unique proc effects to tip the odds in your favor. Features: Choose between two playable characters with unique abilities and playstyles; Gain Insight (experience) from slain enemies to upgrade and customize your avatar's skills and traits; Learn the history and future of the world through collectible Codex Ciphers; Move with speed and grace. Wallrun, dodge, double jump, roll, slide, and teleport around the battlefield; Easy to use One-to-One input system. One button to attack, and one to block means not having to worry about execution errors; Attack from your opponent's blind spots to land critical attacks for increased damage; Sustain your assault to build combos and dramatically increase attack damage; Unlimited continues: death is not the end. Giving up is.
Download: None currently available

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