CSI VR: Crime Scene Investigation GES Games 2018

This is the first episode and unique game of a CSI VR game series educational software supported by Korea National Police University. A realistic crime solving experience game for HTC Vive and/or Oculus. The aim is to find the murderer following the solving process. One Mansion, One Detective, Two Victims... A vicious murder has been committed. This case needs a bold point of view to be solved and you will be the one who is sharp enough to solve it. Two households -husband and wife- were killed and the killer left evidence behind. Follow the traces, find the evidences that will lead you to the murderer, examine all in the laboratory and never forget that the killer is among us. You will be experiencing a whole case solving process of a CSI. It’s your time to be smart, discern what is going on around and leave nothing underinvestigated.
Download: None currently available

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