Hat in Time, A - Seal the Deal Gears for Breakfast 2018

This introduces an all-new chapter: The Arctic Cruise, and an all-new incredibly difficult mode: Death Wish. In The Arctic Cruise, Hat Kid will help serve on a cruise line run by seals, with a giant surly walrus as captain. Several NPCs from the main game will be on the cruises, such as Mafia Goons and C.A.W Agents, as well as new characters such a fish and octopus. Death Wish mode is a new challenge mode with more difficult stages, bosses, time rifts and may have other challenges as well. According to a map seen in the reveal trailer, there will be 111 challenges to overcome. Clearing challenges will provide customization rewards. It will add 6 new Time Rifts. They consist of an under sea level, a cave level, a lava level, a level based on the moon, a level based on Mafia Town and a level based on the Twilight Bell. It will add new Hat Flairs, Palette colors, badges, camera filters and will introduce new outfits for Hat Kid to wear. They can be unlocked in the new Time Rifts and in the Death Wish mode. One of the new badges is called the Nostalgia Badge, which makes Hat Kid and everything around her more blocky and less detailed, giving off the look of a game from the Nintendo 64.
Download: None currently available

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