Super Lucky's Tale: Guardian Trials Playful Corp. / Microsoft Studios 2018

It’s Training Day in Foxington. Lucky returns for his most daunting challenge yet in a dazzling new chapter for Super Lucky’s Tale. After saving Gilly Island, Lucky’s big sister Lyra believes the time has come for him to meet his destiny and embark on the journey to become a full-fledged Guardian. Lyra enlists the help of a few lively friends pulled straight from the Book of Ages, and together they’ve set up a series of insurmountable challenges that only a true Guardian could possibly conquer. Now, with your help, Lucky must puzzle, leap, burrow, and roll his way through a hilariously retro bootcamp that’s tougher than any epic training montage! Along the way, you’ll meet zany characters, best classic platforming challenges, defeat souped up bosses, solve perplexing puzzles and earn your right to stand with Lyra as an official Guardian of the Book of Ages. It also sees the debut of delightful costumes and accessories for Lucky to wear. Unlock them all with coins you’ve saved up and wear the outfit that best defines you for the most fashionable adventure of Lucky’s career. A challenging adventure featuring a charming cast of friends and foes that players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Classic platforming gameplay featuring 3D arenas, side-scrolling challenges, intense boss fights, and complex puzzle mini-games to stump the sharpest adventurer. An entire wardrobe of stylish clothes and accessories are now available for for purchase with coins collected from all previous chapters in Super Lucky’s Tale.
Download: None currently available

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