Die Gekirin [J] CyberFront Corporation / Nihon Application 1996

Years have passed since the brave young hero vanquished hordes of monsters and obtained the legendary sword. The hero used its power to build the country of everyone's dreams, where peace and prosperity reigned supreme. However, an evil magician has usurped the power of the sword and used it to unleash monster minions on the kingdom. A new hero has risen, determined to enter the depths of the dungeon and rid the land of evil. The sequel to Gekirin is nearly identical to its predecessor gameplay-wise. Like the previous game, it is an action-oriented dungeon crawler that predominantly takes place in randomized mazes full of respawning enemies. All the features of the original game - breakable weapons, magic, destructible walls, etc. - return in the sequel. New weapons, armor, and item types have been added.
included in Die Gekirin I & II Pack (2004) - Japanese 2CD ISO Demo (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 293+300MB

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