Die Gekirin II [J] CyberFront Corporation / Nihon Application 1997

After the hero of the previous generation got the sword of the scale, the sword has been inserted in the church of the town. The sacred light blesses the peace of this generation. Many years have passed, and people in peace seem to have forgotten the meaning of danger, and people in a stable life have begun to corrupt. One day, the greedy villagers dug away the gems on the sword under the leadership of the rich man Brad. The sword no longer has the power to suppress evil. The monsters raged, and the great magister reappeared the day and destroyed the entire village. At this time, the protagonist who had become an adventurer returned to his hometown, but found that there was a bleak picture everywhere. This is the second of the series of trilogy of the "Great Scale" Dungeon Adventure RPG. Players can choose men or women to take risks and then enter a town that has become ruined. As long as every jewel is retrieved, the town will resume its vitality, and the responsibility of rebuilding the town will naturally fall on the shoulders of the brave. Features: Maze adventure type, randomly generated map; The number of layers is scary. If you want to break through, you need 8X99+1000=1792 layers. If you want to take the ultimate treasure, there are another 2000 layers waiting for you; There are a lot of props and the attack style is colorful.
included in Die Gekirin I & II Pack (2004) - Japanese 2CD ISO Demo (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 293MB+300MB

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