Benjamin Bl├╝mchen: Wir lernen Englisch [G] Kiddinx / Schmidt Games 2003

Benjamin expects visitors from England - but he can not speak English at all. Fortunately, there is the old Miss Parple from London, who has been living in Neustadt for a long time. They go straight to her to learn about England and to learn a little English. A brand new product in the field of edutainment, in which the children do not have to listen for long, but actively learn the first English vocabulary with a lot of fun. This CD-ROM is designed so that even 5-year-old have success and first English words can understand and use. And we have ensured that the fun does not come too short, because KIDDINX is a lot of fun. Recommended age: preschool children and freshmen.
German ISO Demo 239MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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