Hydra Castle Labyrinth E. Hashimoto (Buster) 2011

This is a platform action-adventure game. The gameplay style is inspired by Maze of Galious for the MSX. You play as a knight who has to recover a crown hidden somewhere inside the Hydra's castle, defeating a variety of dangerous enemies while collecting any treasure, items and special weapons that you can find along the way. Similar to La-Mulana and the Castlevania series, the health gauge and sub-weapon indicator are both displayed on the top left corner of the screen. Hearts or extra weapon ammunition may occasionally appear whenever you vanquish an adversary, and save locations (marked by a pedestal with a spinning blue crystal) can also restore your health to full capacity while acting as a checkpoint for you to resume playing from if our hero is killed at any time during his excursion in the dungeon. The game hearkens back to early "Metroidvania" games like Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious and Legacy of the Wizard: the player explores an immense maze-like dungeon, collecting tools and keys that allow them to proceed deeper. Certain areas are cordoned off from the main dungeon area, and each presents a more linear zone with a boss at the end. The player can find new equipment to make themselves stronger as well.
Free Game 1.3MB (uploaded by RGCD)

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