Resequenced Based On The Play 2018

Early Access Release While investigating the mysterious disappearance of her parents, a college student's DNA is modified. This is a 3D open-world adventure game focused on story, exploration and combat. You play as Lux Hart, a college student who travels to her parents' rural home during summer break, only to find them missing. While investigating their disappearance, she uncovers their connection with the mysterious underground agency The Redaction Commission. Using alien tech acquired by the Commission, her DNA is edited and resequenced, arming her with extraordinary abilities. Features: Lux can fight with DNA mods, which are essentially superpowers that are grouped into four classes - Incinerate, Freeze, Shock and Invoke; She can also use guns. At present, there are four gun types defined: pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun and assault rifle; Guns can be upgraded using weapon parts, which can be looted from fallen enemies, and found in crates placed throughout the game. Six weapon attributes can be upgraded, including damage, reload speed, range, etc.; Lux gains skill points as she levels up. These can be spent to customise her abilities; e.g. permanently increase her overall health, reduce the cooldown time of her DNA mods, etc.; Lux’s outfits (and hair) can be changed. There are 20 different outfits, and each outfit has status effects; e.g. an outfit may boost her shield and the rate at which she earns XP, but reduce her health; Collectibles are scattered across each level. There are almost 100 collectible items in the game, such as documents, audio files, etc. In addition, consumable items such as medkits and shield energy packs can be found near combat areas; Each level contains tasks (e.g. "remove propaganda posters") which can be used to earn XP. Lux can also earn XP by completing challenges (e.g. "kill 10 enemies with the sniper rifle"); There are a huge variety of enemies. We won’t spoil the journey here, but once you get into the story, you’ll understand why there are so many different creatures from mythology, urban legends and horror that actually exist in the game; The game has 12 distinctly different environments, including a deserted nuclear testing facility, a derelict Chinese spacecraft, a post-apocalyptic town, a middle Eastern desert, underground caves, snowfields, and more.
Download: None currently available

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