Bibi Blocksberg 6: Der Schatz im Dschungel [G] Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH / bvm 2001

Uncover the secret of the treasure temple with Bibi and Flauipaui when they visit the Neust├Ądter Troppenausstellung. But apart from a few flowers there is nothing exciting to see. Clear that Bibi wants to take care of it with a hex. She is bewitched and the two of them end up in the jungles of South America. There they help the Indio boy Manuel to find the mysterious sun towel. Only with the sun towel can Manuel's tribe save the crop. In addition, they liberate the Neust├Ądter Professor Julius Befichts, a masked man has attacked and tied up. Professor Findicht is looking for a valuable temple treasure, but during the robbery the treasure map was stolen from him. Help Bibi and Flauipaui unmask the robber, find the treasure, and safely return to Neustadt.
German ISO Demo 139MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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