Dark Fiber [J] NEC Interchannel / JVC Advanced Media 1997

In this cyber adventure game, your objective is to break into Hunter Chip lab. In 2015, a major earthquake and tsunami hit Los Angeles, and most of the coast of California sank to the bottom of the sea. Then in the year 2043, 28 years later, the story begins. Caithness, a researcher at the TWI Corporation's laboratory, realizes that one day he was an industrial spy who was sent by a rival company with mind Control by a neural control device. Caithness's mission is to steal the research results of turtle Leo Nchip and other Twi. The days of Caithness's struggle begin from here. You cannot escape the fate of death without accomplishing this mission. Chip lock mechanism is released. Features: Ally the female terrorists; 3D navigation faithfully reproduces the movement of human gaze, can view all directions, equipped with a newly developed omni-directional 3D navigational system. There's also hard action in a sci-fi cyber space as a fast action type road game (Cyber Maze); Cyberpunk story development - a hero who has received mind control, the story is beyond imagination by peculiar anime such as heinous artificial intelligence; Capture the Cyberspace.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 632MB

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