Bewitched NewRoSoft Inc., Sony Pictures Digital Inc. 2005

Help Samantha save her friends and family in this match three game based on the classic television series about a witch that marries into a normal family. Use your mouse to swap gems to make a match of three or more. In Match Mode, just keep making matches until the timer (broomstick) runs out to get the highest score you can. In Endless Mode, just keep making matches. There is no timer. In Story Mode, at each level, you must make matches so Samantha can travel from the beginning point to the tile with the magic swirl within that ends the level before the timer runs out. At the end of the act, you will have rescued someone. Act 1 is Darin and Act 2 is Endora. If you match five of the same, you get a magic potion. When clicked, it removes all of one type of gem from the screen. Sometimes, you have a broom (the clean sweep) appear. When clicked, whatever way it is facing, it will clear all gems along that row. At times, a gem will turn black. This is a blocker. It cannot be moved or matched to so to clear it, make matches of the same shape on other parts of the screen.
Full Demo included in 150 Games Gamehouse Collection 771MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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