Death of Erin Myers, The Viperante 2019

This is the first entry in a Short Story Series of point and click adventure games. It's an anthology series of five standalone traditional 1st-person pre-rendered point and click adventure games. This first game in the series is a dark and gritty mystery in which players step back in time and play as Erin Myers, in all the moments from her life that contributed to her death. The developer has been looking for ways to tell stories through the adventure game format that are a little different from the standard. Being fans of short stories, and the possibilities they offer in allowing the exploration of specific themes, ideas, characters, and incidents, they decided to create a series of short standalone games. Each game in the series will take approximately 2 hours to complete and will include all of the normal adventure game elements: exploration, talking to other characters, picking up and using items, and good old fashioned puzzle solving. And whilst each story will be a standalone experience, unrelated to other stories in the series, they will all share a certain dark and macabre subject matter, ranging in genre from mystery to horror to science fiction. This first game has you play as Erin Myers, a police detective who we already know will be dead by the end. The question is, how did she die, and why? By playing through certain key moments from Erin's life, players will learn who she was, the things she did, both good and bad, and finally, how all of that lead to her death.
Download: None currently available

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