Escape Doodland flukyMachine / PlayWay S.A., Ultimate Games S.A. 2018

This is an arcade platformer with intense and demanding gameplay in a crazy 2.5D doodle world. Run For Your Life - Death and destruction came into Doodland. This happy and joyful land is going to change. Forever. There are only two options: run as fast as you can or die. Doodland is a grotesque world created on a piece of paper. It is invaded by Omnomus, a cruel monster that loves taste of inhabitants of this land. Each part of the world is different, has unique atmosphere. It is also full of demanding obstacles and you will have to run, jump, swim and fly to overcome them. Doodlers are peaceful and brave creatures living in Doodland, choose which one you will help to escape. There are no two same Doodlers. Each of them looks different and sounds different, but every one of them has one common feature - a digestive problems. Boosters - Omnomus has no mercy. If he will reach you he will eat you without blinking an eye. Fortunately Doodlers can use their gastric problems against him. Just find a match, light your fart and feel the boost. And if this won't help, just release stinky gases in his face to stun him. This is your last resort. Warning - Don't get it wrong. It's not a simple and nice casual game for everyone. You will be eaten, burned, crushed, digested, shocked, slapped, poisoned or just fall down. Many times.
Download: None currently available

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