Beyond The Sky Iperurania Arts 2018

This is a dark-themed point and click adventure in which you play Selene, a young woman who gets lost in a dark wood. Only by learning to see beyond the veil of appearances in exploring the world surrounding her and solving complex logical puzzles will she finally be able to defeat her deepest fears and realize her dream of reaching the moon. Features: Unique graphic design, thoroughly crafted and designed entirely by hand; Complex logical puzzles that will test your skills; Distinctive means of exploration that develops over the course of the game; Many bizarre characters to interact with; Emotional original soundtrack; An articulate and multifaceted story that will encourage you to reflect on important and deep themes: life and death, fear and trust, prejudice and conflict; A vivid world that blends a surprising mix of references ranging from the classics of Greek and Latin literature to contemporary movies, classical art and pop culture.
Level Demo 96MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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