Scamp: High Hat Havoc Big Hat Games 2018

Journey into the Big Hat Mines in this retro style 3D puzzle-platforming adventure. Play as Scamp, the devious little imp with a big mouth and an even bigger hat problem. Race to save Scamp's master from the clutches of the evil High Hat Wizard before its too late. Master Scamp's abilities and hone your platforming talents like it's 1998. Features: Play as Scamp and master his ability to literally throw himself across the room. Teleport to your magic orb to ascend great heights and cross great distances; Hit enemies with their own magic. Reflect fireballs using your magic pentagram; Make bank - collect coins and crystals to unlock new skins while you find a way to free your master; Test your wits in a series of puzzles that require quick thinking and even quicker reflexes; Enjoy a whimsical story full of humor and charm; Take in a beautiful art style with wonderfully rendered characters and breath-taking scenery. This game was originally designed to be played with an Xbox One controller. However, mouse and keyboard may also be used. The controls may be viewed in-game using the options menu. Here is a list of the keyboard/mouse controls: Left Mouse - Throw magic orb; Right Mouse - Hover in mid-air; WASD - Run forwards, left, backwards, and right; Space - Jump and double jump; Q - Quick swap with your orb while it is in mid-air; E - Teleport to your clone; C - Drop a clone at your current position; R - Summon a reflective shield (the shield will always reflect projectiles toward your clone); F - Interact.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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