Sword of Kumdor, The / Kumdol No Ken [MAC] [J] Michiaki Tsubaki / ASCII Corporation 1994

From 1988 to 1995, ASCII published JRPGs/adventures made by Michiaki Tsubaki on the PC-88 and PC-98, each of which tackled unusual themes in even weirder, seemingly industrial frames. ASCII bundled these floppy games within strategy guides, then sold them at various bookstores in Japan. As it turns out, most if not all of the games require using the guidebooks for completion, possibly to enforce copy protection or simply because Michiaki was a fan of impenetrable, weird design. Sword of Kumdor which originally was released on PC-98 in 1991, is a cosmic adventure where your character defeats monsters by touch-typing. The game boots right onto a few childishly drawn tutorial screens explaining how to play, then puts you in control of a weirdly-shaped person who takes a hallucinatory rocket trip to a Dragon Quest-like overworld and town. Random DQ-style encounters and Michiaki's art-style connect all these games, but Kumdor's much more open and accessible than his other games (schools and institutions bought the game and its FM Towns/Mac ports). Space turns your character while F moves you forward in the direction you're facing. J is commonly used as the confirm/select button. In 2017, a remake was made by Takayuki Kato.
Remake Videos
2017 Remake Trial Demo 5MB (uploaded by Chibicon)
MAC Japanese Floppy Images ISO Demo + Scan (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 62MB

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