Forest of Drizzling Rain Sanada Makoto / Stardust KRNKRN 2013

A popular free adventure horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace that has also been comicized since March 2014. The game revolves around a young woman named Shiori Kanzaki as she visits her family's old house, which has since been turned into the town's museum. Upon arrival, she begins to question many aspects about her past and why her parents left the town in the first place. While searching the old house and its surrounding area, Shiori uncovers things she never knew about herself, her family, her past, the town, and the reason her family left in the first place. The game is mainly focused on exploration and puzzle-solving, along with a story-oriented layout and playthrough. Though it is small (2-3 hours of gameplay), it's multi-ending, and you will want to play for many times and aim for a good ending.
English Translated Free Game 86MB (uploaded by Tosiaki)

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