Sad Satan ZK 2015

The player takes a first-person view as they explore dark, claustrophobic, and often mazelike environments. As they progress, they will be confronted with surreal and sometimes gruesome imagery, sound clips from varying sources, and photographs. Many of these sounds and images relate to violent events and people from the real world. A text file that comes with the game updates without direct user input as the game is played. An early release of the game contained viruses, as well as illegal content within the game files. A July 2015 release later removed the viruses and replaced the illegal images with clean ones. It could initially only be downloaded through the use of Tor, an internet anonymity program that allows the user to access the "deep web". Due to this unconventional distribution method, the game's author is unknown. It's built with the Terror Engine and was first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner.
Free Game - Clean version including Terror Engine 817MB (uploaded by reddit)
Free Game 320MB (uploaded by Indiexpo)

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