Hello Kitty: Cutie World Artech Studios Ltd. / ValuSoft, Inc. 2002

Enter Hello Kitty’s world in this little collection of minigames starring everybody’s favorite Sanrio character. Directions and layout for each game are very simple, in keeping with the minimalistic style of Hello Kitty, and everything is point-and-click or point-and-drag. You are welcomed by Hello Kitty on the home screen, where you can click on any of eight bubbles to select a game. Prepare for a lot of pink and cheerful music. Creative Kitty; here you can select a background and fill it with character and item stickers, then print it out. Kitty Cards; a matching game played for points – each level gets a little more difficult. Candy Tiles; a timed Mahjongg-style game of matching and removing tiles. Sweet Tooth; help Hello Kitty make ice-cream sundaes for her friends before the time runs out. A Sleepy Song; try to catch snowflakes as they land on musical bars, until you have enough for a lullaby to play. O’Starry Night; you are Hello Kitty as a cute little witch on a broom, sweeping stars from the sky while avoiding bats. Penguin Catch; get your boat underneath those falling penguins before they make a splash. Balloon Ride; win points for catching butterflies from your hot-air balloon, but look out for the bees, it’ll cost you if you bump into one. You can exit any game at any time by clicking on one of the game bubbles near the bottom of the screen – skip around as you will; this collection is perfectly suited to the attention spans of the age group it is aimed at, preschool to Kindergarten.
Full Demo 71MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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